A ``Hi`` to all fellows, My name is Valerie Hân. I have wanted to change the world since I was 9. But the pictures are getting clearer and I realized that I can't change the world BUT I CAN contribute to put the world in a better place. To start with this, I need YOU. I need your help, all around the world. We are human, we are the same species and we are supposed to be together. Trust me, when people get together, we can do great things. I have better vision now than just imagining in my head when I was 9. I need you. You can be anywho, maybe a psychologist, a therapist, or simply just who into art, tour guides, who loves crafts, who loves creativities that would love to build a community, a safe circle that bring people together. Together, we heal. I aim to have a ``place`` in people heart. A place is safe to think of, to come, to express and feel that they are listened, a place gets practice, experiences workshop and activities that will heal the inner soul.

Valerie Hân


7698 Journey is a community that is built to dedicate and be heartful for society who seeks to heal their inner soul, build themselves, and build a better version of themselves.
Healing is a journey. It can be short or very long. We are here to support people that want not to struggle and to be in their current position. 7698 Journey believes that surrounding yourself with good and right people, being back in nature, and experiencing things will make you feel better, and be happy. 7698 hopes to be with you on your journey. Choose to be happy!

In spiritual numerology, each number is believed to hold symbolic meanings and vibrations. When it comes to the number “7698,” we can break it down and analyze the individual digits to explore its potential spiritual significance:

  • Number 7 often represents spirituality, introspection, inner wisdom, and a connection to higher realms. It signifies seeking knowledge, spiritual growth, and a deeper understanding of the universe.
  • Number 6 is associated with harmony, balance, nurturing, and love. It represents domesticity, family, compassion, and a harmonious connection with others.
  • Number 9 symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, humanitarianism, and universal love. It signifies completion, fulfillment, and the realization of higher consciousness.
  • The number 8 is often associated with abundance, success, and material wealth. It represents strength, power, and achievement.

When combined, these digits suggest a blend of spiritual introspection (7), balance and nurturing energies (6), spiritual growth and wisdom (9), and abundance and success (8). The number “7698” may symbolize the harmonious integration of these aspects in one’s spiritual journey, suggesting a path of self-discovery, balance, spiritual evolution, and material prosperity.

It’s important to note that interpretations of spiritual meanings associated with numbers can vary among different belief systems and individuals. It’s always beneficial to trust your own intuition and personal insights when exploring the spiritual significance of numbers.

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